Compensation Policies

For shipping issues and warranty resolutions.

Compensation Method

The compensation method will be discussed with you via WhatsApp.

Compensation Period

The compensation will take effect depending on the situation. If no return is needed, the compensation may be done within a few minutes after an agreement is achieved. Otherwise, the compensation will be done when the product was returned to our warehouse and validated to be eligible for a compensation.

Shipping Policies

Issues with customs
Due to the nature of the situation being out of control from our side, we will try to assist you in getting the issue resolved, however we do not guarantee resolving of the problem.

Parcel lost
The maximum waiting time for the parcel to arrive at destination is 2 months, after the period has passed, contact us via WhatsApp and provide your Order ID so we can initiate an investigation, we guarantee a compensation if the parcel cannot be recovered.

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