Classic Series

For casual and light use.

Long Lasting Battery

Classic series are built to last long music sessions.

Get up to 8.5 hours of non-stop listening and up to 4 full charges from the charging case. Ideal for long journeys where you just want to relax.

Strong Connectivity

Combined with high quality speakers and a light design, Classic series are great for continuous business calls, wear them in your ear while connected to your phone, and be always connected with your business colleagues.


V3.1 - 1562M

Airoha 1562M chipset, up to 6 hours of Battery life, Very Good Sound Quality, Stable (HiCity Standard branding only)

V3.1 - 1562E

The best of Classic series, Tigerbuilder variant, up to 9 hours of Battery life, QuickSwitch for 2 Devices

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