Pro Series

From Pros, to Pros.

Audio Focus

By using special microphones, HiCity Pro series allow cancelling out environmental noises and helping you focus on hearing your music better, same can be applied the other way to be more aware of your surroundings.

Spatial Audio

On select models, special gyroscope sensors help make Spatial Audio a reality, you can feel the sound instruments being played around you, so you will get full immersion into the music.



Airoha 1562A Chipset, 4-5 Hrs Battery Life, Metal Finish Hinge


20$ OFF!
Airoha 1562A Chipset, 4-5 Hrs Battery Life, Very Stable, Best ANC for Pro lineup, HiCity Standard Branding only


Blueturm8892A Chipset, Button Battery and 4-6 Battery Life, Base version of Pro lineup, cheap and good quality

Pro 2 V1.0 - Bluetrum

Bluetrum8922 Chipset, Button Battery and 4-6 Battery Life, Audio Focus, Swipe Volume Control, Case Notifications, Cheap and Good Quality

Pro 2 V1.1 - Huilian H2S Pro

5$ OFF!
Great Sound Quality, Metal Hinge, Up to 6 hours of Battery Life, Swipe Volume Control, Spatial Audio, Audio Focus, Case Notifications

V4.6 - BES

BES2500YP Chipset, 6-8Hrs Battery life, Metal Finsh Hinge, Spatial Audio (Gyroscope Supported), QuickSwitch for 2 Devices


Airoha 1562AE Chipset, About 8-10Hrs, Spatial Audio, VERY GOOD Mircophone, Spatial Audio, Quick Swtich for 2 IOS Devices

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