Max Series

The work companion.

Ultimate Battery

Work, listen, game, all without any stops.
With the Max series, you will be able to do that in no time.

Audio Focus

By using special microphones, HiCity Max series allow cancelling out background noises and helping you focus on your work , same can be applied the other way to be more aware of your surroundings.


V1.0 - MAX

Bluetrum 8892A Chipset, Plastic Cup, Very Stable and Good Quality

Max V1.1 - 1561M (TigerBuilder)

This is the Latest Max model that made by Tigerbuilder, a lots of improvement compared with Blueturm Max v1.0, improved sound quality, ANC, Transparency mode, Battery life, and very good microphone. Chipset: Airoha 1561M; Manufeacture: Tigerbuilder; OTA: yes; ANC: yes; Transparency mode: Yes; Quick Switch between 2 Devices: No; Audio Share: Yes; In ear detection: Yes; Name change: Yes; Battery life:  About 50 Hours; Bluetooth Version: 5.3.

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